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Auric Stone Designs

Audrey Vase

Audrey Vase

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Introducing our versatile Audrey Female Body Vase, a unique and stylish piece that effortlessly holds dried florals and small cacti. Add a touch of personality and charm to your space with this artfully crafted vase.

Made from high-quality materials, our Female Body Vase provides a sturdy base for showcasing your favorite botanical arrangements. Its sleek design and well-proportioned shape beautifully highlight the natural beauty.

With its contemporary style, this vase seamlessly complements any room, from home to office. Its versatility allows you to easily change and experiment with different botanical compositions, adding a trendy and fashionable touch to your decor.

Elevate your interior with natural beauty in a stylish and convenient way. 

Finished dimensions

Height: 7 inches 
Width: 4 inches 

Please note: 

* As each vessel is individually hand poured there may be some variations. Air holes may occur due to the natural setting of the concrete making each vessel unique. 


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